Reporting and tracking your online marketing with analytics

Every online marketing campaign must include top notch reporting and personal stragetizing by your personal campaign manager. Keeping on track of your performance from the specifics to the big picture is a must for any business' website.

Tracking and reporting shows your online marketing campaign's progress, telling us (and you!) what efforts are fruitful, where to focus future attention, and identifying unforeseen opportunities with higher returns. Not all reports are created equal, and we setup our analytics software and metrics in what we think is the best way possible. Full access provides you with the full picture at all times and our work and focus is transparently available in these reports as well.

Full access to your website's analytics is provided to you with weekly and monthly updates personally sent to you! Some things are measured weekly, other things monthly, but most importantly we constantly make decisions and adjust your campaign based on these reports trends.

Independently operating and constrained to no single system we use the best available analytics and tracking software to make our job as effective as possible and increase your website's chances of success. With all of this information we do exactly what one would think, we adjust and expand your online marketing campaign to take advantage of high ROI keywords and new, underdog search phrases that show up. We're in your corner, keeping you in the loop with weekly and monthly updates from real people, not automated computer reports. We track your conversions vs traffic and ensure efforts are gathering the most customers

Reporting and tracking extra reading

Tracking trends such as page views, unique visitors, visitor locations, time spent on website and time spent on each page along with keywords and methods that users find your site included and so much more.

Our campaigns improve on a daily basis, bringing you visitors and customers who give our tracking systems every detail of their experience and navigation through your site.

Different types of marketing efforts add different types of statistics and information to track, with pay per click SEM advertising, social media marketing and management of local search and map listings providing their respective sets of data to analyze.