Host live events like webinars or press releases on the web

Companies with live events, media presentations, confrences, orientations or any other live event with discusssion, video chat and media presentations are saving money every day by bringing these events to the web.

Companies right now are having events and confrences with live back and fourth discussion with attendee's and journalists. Saving time and money for both the host of the event and its attendee's, they use custom created web software for everyone to connect to.

Some companies charge money to lease and use their online live event software, we are available for lease and create the site for you to own as well.

Never a one size fit's all option, we implement specific features for you to control your own environment and measure the success of your event or press release.

Moderation of discussions and control of the users experience while using your webinar or other live event software ensures your event keeps its essence while transfering to its new medium.