Built to fit intranet & extranet back-end management websites

We develop our operational websites based on your needs. Helping businesses and organizations to manage more with less is our specialty and passion.

Organizations adjusting to, or failed by a rigid system know the cost savings of getting a back-end organizational system correct the first time.

Our back-end web solutions are hand crafted and designed to integrate together, managing much more than a typical intranet or extranet.

Businesses and organizations that want to move their back-end workflow, communications or live events to a more efficient, single solution web based software can save countless amounts of both time and money. If you already use an intranet, extranet or client relations management service you know the effectiveness it can bring, but perhaps you need more or are restricted in certain tasks.

We create custom web software, tailored in design and functionality to your business or organization and it's needs. We use only the best proven software that upholds our business software standards to build your web based intranet or extranet.

Our web based intranet and extranet in one allows you to eliminate paperwork and go digital, manage human relations, project management, client relations, procurement, webinars, orientations and much, much more. Our business web software allows you to save resources in as many ways as you can imagine.

We efficiently develop your custom intranet software with numerous benefits to you. For digital paperwork systems we design your for-print copies from our intranet to exactly match your current paperwork or letterheads. We implement statistics on usage of the actual website to guage effectiveness of the product itself and we provide company specific statistics on your workflow to assess performance of your staff. To top it off, we can even take your new backend business intranet and make mobile and tablet versions.

We additionally produce documentation and tutorials on using your software with technical support available by phone.

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Communications Websites

Time wasted reiterating information and effort put into routing information to relevant parties present time management opportunities.

  • Client Relations
  • Intranet & Extranet
  • Project Management

Back-End Operations Websites

The simpler and easier a task can be made, the better. Become environmentally friendly with a digital paper-less website replacement that is carbon neutral.

  • Time Keeping
  • Digital Paperwork
  • Financial & Merchant Services

Webinars, Events & PR

Conferences are cost prohibitive even for large companies and a barrier to entry for smaller sized businesses. Realtime meetings on our websites make remote group events and multimedia presentations cost effective.

  • Webinar and Online Conferences
  • Q&A Press Releases
  • Advanced Social Media Integration